For Sellers


Pass On Your Home’s History

See your home go to buyers who care about your house as much as you do. You’ve invested time and money into your property. Now it’s time for another individual or family to carry on the story of your home. Here’s how to nail down the details.

List Your Home

Determine How You Want to Sell

In today’s housing market, there are many ways to list your property for sale — whether on your own or through a real estate agent like J. Archer Properties who will take care care of the paperwork and details you’d have to handle on your own.

Know Your Worth

Do the research. The market price of your home comes down to supply and demand in your area. And if you’ve renovated your home, you know exactly how much you’ve put into it. Your J. Archer Properties Real Estate agent’s expertise will come in handy here, with plenty of experience selling homes in the inner-loop and the neighboring areas. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re worth.

Pick a Time & List

The market fluctuates daily. Understand the market with the help of a J. Archer Properties Real Estate Agent and prepare your home for the picture-perfect image. This means cleaning up, staging, and taking photos at the right time of day to get the lighting just right. Then when you’re ready, list your home and make sure the right people are seeing what you have to offer with the help of J. Archer Properties.


Make sure the right buyers see your property with the right marketing. Your J. Archer Properties Real Estate Agent knows the best sites and platforms to showcase your home so that the right type of people see it. Not to mention, the J. Archer Properties Real Estate team personally knows people looking for the right fit.

Review Offers & Submit the Necessary Paperwork

Congratulations! You’ve got some offers on your home. Once you review the proposals and the buyers looking at your property, you’ll want to review the buyer’s background documents and disclose housing documents required by Texas. These include details about the property, known defects, and history. At this point, there are many final steps to closing that your J. Archer Properties Real Estate agent will walk you through. So don’t worry! You just sold your house! Leave the rest to us.


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